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 My career started 10 years ago in the small town of Adams, MA. I saw a sign for volunteers need at the local fire department. I thought to my self hey as a kid all I ever wanted to do was become a firefighter. Growing up in South Florida there was not vary many volunteer fire departments so it fell to the waist side. I now reside in Enfield CT as a part time paid call firefighter/Emt for the district of Shaker Pines fire department. I have been in and out the physical fitness world. Competing in crossfit events running stair climbs and 5k races. Still striving to train hard as a firefighter with intention of one day becoming a career firefighter/Paramedic. I started 4th Alarm apparel because I wanted something to represent the firefighters that loved to go the extra mile to be fit and healthy. It has grown in to a family a little more than that. We are expanding in to the fitness world and in the fire world. With helping fire departments get the apparel they need along with the trendy apparel for the fitness firefighter. I see our future expanding more and growing to great lengths. I hope we can be part of your venture as a firefighter. Thank you for all you have done and be safe!

Zach McNeal

I started my firefighting career at the age of 16. I'm originally from NYC. i moved to Albany NY when i was 9, then to Adams MA in 2008. I have continued to strive and be the best i can be, and still train hard and learn as much as i can. I myself use to weigh over 325 lbs. I found a love for fitness and i have had my fair share of struggles, but i have pushed on and lost a lot of the weight. I'm a Firefighter / Training Coordinator for the Whately Fire Department.  I'm very happy to be apart of the 4th Alarm Apparel family. Damian happens to be my Best friend so its awesome to help him succeed in his  very own dream of helping  others strive to be the best they can be. We Cant stress it enough PUSH HARD PUSH FORWARD FIND AND RELEASE YOUR INNER BEAST!

Damian McCartney

‚ÄčFounder of 4th Alarm Apparel